Société Gourmet was born in November 2009 as the first start-up project to offer recreational cooking classes and gastronomic experiences in Romania. The time’s publications called us ‘a start-up in recession time ’ (Forbes Romania, Deutsche Zeitung für Rumänien) and we have been growing steadily but firmly ever since, developing new and novel experiences for the local public.

We are 100% a Romanian service with an international team expertise and a proud community of people passionate about the small and essential pleasures of life – what the French precisely name ‘bien vivre’.

Our private event villa is a 107 years old house built in ‘Little Paris’ architectural style, located in the centre of Bucharest between Dacia Boulevard and Calea Moșilor. The beautiful house with high ceilings and luminous windows puts it’s heart right in the middle and calls it The Kitchen. The inside space has a simple white design dominated by the use of rescued oak massive tables also used for the kitchen islands paired with stainless steel tops. Here and there you can see details reminding of the Transylvanian heritage mixed with new and funky art elements.

The garden is a unique delight, a green setting for intimate wedding, christening parties and other private celebrations.

Beside the workshops and activities we offer for groups, SG Event House can be fully rented for private events, completely making use of it’s facilities. 

Raluca Hagivreta-Ichim is the founder and creative director of Société Gourmet and since 9 years is overlooking every event and taking care of the quality of service and enjoyment of the guests.

Raluca Hagivreta-Ichim
Raluca Hagivreta-IchimFondator
I started the Société Gourmet project back in 2009 with the idea of bringing people together based on their similar passion for food, cooking, wine and traveling. I graduated the University of Bucharest (Business Administration) and the National School for Political and Administrative Sciences (Communication and Public Relations) but have always been attracted to hospitality industry. I have a particular interest in studying etiquette, protocol and hospitality as a creator of experiences. I get tremendous satisfaction from seeing my thoughts into action and actions into enjoyment for guests – i love it.
What was just a project became my full time job and business by itself and I grew together with it, learning more about business and PR than both universities (sorry) together could teach me. I guess this is entrepreneurship. Since 9 years I am learning, perfecting, taking classes abroad and looking to grow as a manager and business owner. I am proud to have created the first project of it’s kind on the Romanian market and grateful to have contributed to growing a strong community of such passionate people. I am also very proud that today the house of SG is an absolutely one of a kind venue in Bucharest.