Société Gourmet was in November 2009 a Romanian start-up project and the first to offer recreational cooking classes for amateurs in Romania. The publications of that time called us ‘a start-up in recession time ’ (Forbes Romania, Deutsche Zeitung für Rumänien) and we have been growing steadily but firmly ever since, developing new and novel experiences for the local public.

We are 100% a Romanian service with an international team expertise and a proud community of people passionate about the small and essential pleasures of life – what the French precisely name ‘bien vivre’.

Our space is a 107 years old house built in ‘Little Paris’ architectural style and locted in the centre of Bucharest, between Dacia Boulevard and Calea Moșilor. The beautiful house with high ceilings and luminous windows puts it’s heart right in the middle and calls it The Kitchen. The inside space has a simple white design dominated by the use of rescued oak massive tables also used for the kitchen islands paired with stainless steel tops. Here and there you can see details that remind you of the Transylvanian heritage but also posters of pork and beef cuts displayed on the walls. It is simple but yet a statement.

Beside the workshops and activities we offer for groups, SG Event House can be fully rented for private events, completely making use of it’s facilities. 

Raluca Hagivreta-Ichim is the founder and manager of Société Gourmet and since 9 years is overlooking every event and taking care of the quality of service and enjoyment of the guests.

Raluca Hagivreta-Ichim
Raluca Hagivreta-IchimFounder
‘I started the Société Gourmet project back in 2009 with the plan of bringing together the people that appreciate and need the ‘bien vivre’ way of tasting life. I graduated the University of Bucharest (Business Administration) and Communication and Public Relations but have always been attracted to hospitality and this thread that all Horeca expressions have in common: the satisfaction of creating experiences. What was just a project became my full time job and business by itself and I grew with it learning more about business and PR than both universities (sorry) together couldn’t teach me. I guess this is entrepreneurship. Since 9 years I am learning, perfecting, taking classes abroad and looking to grow as a manager and business owner. I am proud to have been the first project of it’s kind on the Romanian market, I’m grateful to have contributed to the growing a strong community of such beautiful people passionate about food and cooking and I am happy that today the house of SG is a unique event space in Bucharest.‘
Sanaz Zahedfar
Sanaz ZahedfarResident Chef
A surprising presence in the professional kitchen, Sanaz is a modern artist that can genuinely and naturally create a connection between the food and the people. S delicate as she might seem, she won the appreciation and affection of her team when in the position of Sous Chef by power of example, professionalism and generosity. She comes from Iran and cooks since she was 8 years old but first studied Chemistry at the University of Iran and professed as a teacher. Her style in the kitchen is a blend of taste, technique, use of spices and Persian nostalgia. Sanaz joined the SG team as a Resident Chef in 2017 and takes care of the corporate and private events. Her cooking style, her appreciation of the arts and beauty and her natural talent for hospitality, Sanaz makes one feel like home.