For your party or event, choose one or a mix of exciting gourmet ateliers (workshops). Taking place in the charming house of Société Gourmet and benefiting from all our staff’s care and support, our activities are the salt and pepper to a memorable event. 

Cooking Atelier (team-cooking)

Prepare together a full menu that will be enjoyed by everyone involved (and even a few guests). Chef will guide you, the menus are interesting and seasonal, and everything is made from scratch (we even smoke our own meats). 

Indoor or cooking outdoors, enjoy our BBQ and herb garden. Learn more

  • Singular atelier or combined with: wine tasting, coffee/tea atelier, cocktail atelier

Wine Tasting

There has been no other ingredient to match the transcendental characteristic of wine – it speaks every language and is part of every culture. It works miracles in social bonding and communicates about it’s terroir. This atelier is charming, interactive and fun for teams or groups.

We can adapt this workshop according to the occasion: discovery of excellent Romanian wines, blind tasting or Romanian vs. World wines. 

  • Singular atelier or combined with: cooking atelier

Cocktail and Mixology

From a Caribbean cruise with it’s fine rums to making legendary cocktails and contemporary ‘craft’ mixed drinks. A fun atelier, interactive, full of info and (oups, dirty) stories meant to open your thirst for the art of mixology. 

We will adapt this ateliers content and list of cocktails according to season and occasion.

  • Singular atelier or combined with: cooking atelier

Craft Beer Atelier

Introduction to the world of artisanal beer and micobrewing. You start with a short history of beer and getting familiarised with the raw ingredients used for beer making. It includes a tasting session for a minimum of 4 different beers (Romanian also), a recipe for home-brew and useful tips. Beer snacks included.

  • Singular atelier or combined with: cooking atelier

Coffee & Other Stories

For the coffee aficionados and geeks everywhere but also for the ones that haven’t yet taken the specialty coffee vow, this atelier promises a memorable experience. Coffee is one of the most complex ingredients on earth with over 800 substances inside it’s bean. You will taste varieties from different areas, understand the art of extracting a correct espresso and the main coffee products as espresso, cappuccino, flat white, V60.

  • Singular atelier or combined with: cooking atelier
imagine degustare ceai

Specialty Teas Atelier

An introduction to the world of specialty teas, what does it actually mean. With a focus on tasting and comparison, you will go through all the tea families (white, green, yellow, oolong, black and pu erh) and we will break down myths (eg. Black tea is bitter, green tea is astringent, black tea has more theine that green tea). This is a workshop that everyone will like. Homemade snacks included.

  • Singular atelier or combined with: cooking atelier. 

Truffle Hunting

A unique experience, an introduction to the world of truffles and a fun hunt for the forest’s black doamonds. We return home for a truffle cooking class or dinner. Indulgence, adventure, discovery – all well organised as a one day gourmet trip.   

The hunt takes place not far away from Bucharest and transport is included.  

  • Available only during truffle season: October-December.

We help you choose


If you like more that one atelier and don’t know what to chose for your group, we can help. Provide us with some details about your event and we will suggest the most appropriate options according to occasion and group size.

Tell us if we need to fit in a certain schedule or any other details you find relevant.

We will design your experience so that it’s most suiting your needs and provide you with a quotation and description. 

! Attention, not all activities can be combined.

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